Josef Mueller-Brockman transcribed guidelines and frameworks fundamental for efficient design publishing the textbook "Grid Systems" in 1961. The material remains relevant in a dramatically different world with the evolution of technology and is often considered a "bible" in the graphic design industry.

Mueller-Brockman has influenced the way I approach information systems and has given me a new perspective in finding order with the chaotic consumerist climate of today.

Grid Systems started as a project to update this sacred text and morphed into an obsession that led me to explore design on different substrates, using experimental techniques to demonstrate the complexity and disorder of the way people interact with the world.

Unveiling the influence of sacred geometry, rooted rectangles and the golden ration on things that we see and use everyday is imperative. Dimensions, color choice, placement, orientation even the framework in which websites are developed are all educated off of these ancient formulas and it is important to not only explain this to people but prove it's relevance in their everyday life.


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